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Hosting a Swap

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1 Hosting a Swap on Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:35 am

I thought this may be helpful you don't have to follow this format but I find it helpful and thought you may as well.
Who can Host a Swap? Anyone all you need is the time to sort things out.

Theme Place this at the top so it is visible to everyone

Due Date Add the date you want the cards to be with you eg 28th July

Number of cards this is usually 2 for 2

Returns sent out Add the date that you will sending out the returns eg 31st July

Mediums used If you are happy with any medium or want a particular medium please add this so everyone knows what to do. You may want to collect collage only so please state collage only, or what ever it is you want.

Posting instructions Please add instructions for all players about postage UK players to send a stamp and SAE. For International players if you want them to add an International Reply Coupon please let them know.
Something like this:
All UK players
Please add a stamped addressed envelope, if you cannot do this PM me and we can come to a private arrangement.

All International players
Please send an International Reply Coupon (IRC), if this is not possible for you please PM me and we can come a private arrangement
On the back of the ATC Please add
Theme title Board name, Real name and Location on the back of your ATC's.
With these simple instructions everyone will know what to do and any questions they have can always be answered by the Host via PM's. You can add anything else that you feel is needed.
Participant List I find this useful as I can add each person to the list and add Received alongside their name when I have their cards. This way I can keep an eye on what is happening also players can see what is going on as well.

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