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New Guinea Piggy

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1 New Guinea Piggy on Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:28 am

I thought I would share with you my other hobby well I am not sure you can call it a hobby lol. I have 11 guinea pigs currently, they are mostly rescue guineas with all different backgrounds. Bernie has just won morrisons cutest small pet competition here is his piccy

And on friday of last week I brought this little lady home, her name is Little Bit at the moment as we have no name.

She has a little bit of a problem with her face but hopefully that will all heal up and she can live with my older sow leila who lives indoors Smile

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2 Re: New Guinea Piggy on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:25 am

oh bless, they are so sweet!

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3 Re: New Guinea Piggy on Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:59 am

aw, such a sweetie!!

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4 Re: New Guinea Piggy on Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:36 am

So cute!

Life is too short not to experiment! Smile

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5 Re: New Guinea Piggy on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:43 am

I used to breed and show guinea pigs many many years ago now back in the 1970's and1980's we had a total of 90. No thats not a typo we had 90 of them a lot show quality and a lot breeding only. All were loved and all had names.
It was hard work and they were all cleaned out twice a week. We had a shed specially kitted out for them with Scandinavian hutches for them (drop board in front and no wire)
We had lots of different types from Abysinian, Peruvian, Shelltie, American crested, to plain colours from gold to black.
I used to take them to the schools to show thm to the children and we provided them with guinea pigs for free as class room pets. We would take them to shows for them and enter them into the pet class for the school.
We also had a adult care centre ask us for some for the people who were disabled or had special needs.

I love guinea pigs they are vocal and so sweet. Bernie looks a cheeky chappy and Little bit looks so tiny and sweet. You are doing a great job.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.”
Julia Cameron

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6 Re: New Guinea Piggy on Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:44 am

Awww a fello piggy fan!

I dont think I could cope breeding them! Infact I know hubby would have a fit!I just about cope cleaning my hutches out I dont think I could manage 90
piggys worth of poop!!! I would love a lilac guinea tho but they are so hard to come by as rescues.
I have black himi sow that I believe was shown and possibly bred from she is a right moody diva!

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7 Re: New Guinea Piggy on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:58 am

aw they are adorable, i remember having guineas when i was younger and lived at home, now i have two mini lop ear rabbits! Smile i just love animals x
the only reason i havent got guineas is because whilst my mum was away for a weekend one of the guineas became ill and it scared me half to death and i slept with it in my bedroom all weekend to care for it! it kinda turned me off owning them after that lol bless its little heart xx

Deanne x

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