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The Design Team - Part Two

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1The Design Team - Part Two Empty The Design Team - Part Two on Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:30 am

Quirky Boots

Quirky Boots
Heres another brief look into the team that help run Quirky Crafts, without the team there would be no challenges and design inspiration so a huge thank you from me to them especiallly

The Design Team - Part Two 19-92

Hi my names Lyn and I'm a chocoholic card maker! I live in a small village in the boundaries of the New Forest National Park with my husband John. We've being married for nearly 35 years (we were babies!!) We have two married daughters. Emma lives locally, while Maria and our first grandson, Mason, live in the USA.
We started off our married life with 7 ponies, quite a few guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and a tortoise!! but now only have Frog the cat and four goldfish.
The first crafty thing I can remember doing was when I was five. I'd just started school and we made papier mache flower pots and painted them! wow!! Once I realised you can make glue with flour and water that was it! I made toadstool houses and light houses by covering up old lampstands, turned custard tins into secret money boxes and old books into treasure chests... all of this of course horrified my parents.
The only thing I was good at at school was art. I was told the year I left that I was probably dyslexic. I had no idea what that meant. I just knew I had to keep so many rhymes and pictures in my head just to remember how to spell simple things! In spite of this, I taught play school for twelve years and helped children who couldnt read at the local school for a while.
I've being a riding instructor, a gardener and a face painter who dressed up as a clown!!! I loved writing stories (and still do) My one claim to fame was coming in the top ten out of 46000 entries in the Richard and Judy tv show a few years back. But I could never have done that without 'word' and my computer or without the support of Hubby John who encourages me in everything I do.
In my teens I started selling my comic strips to local magazines and papers and single cartoons to national newspapers like the Daily Mirror and Sun, right up until the nineties.
I found card making a few years ago after an operation that went wrong, being very bored I found Dawn Bibby on the telly and couldnt believe it!
I started my blog Spyders Corner in February 2009, and the rest is history!
My ambition I think, is to have at least one of my stories published and maybe get into digi stamps or even both!!

You can visit Lyns blog here

The Design Team - Part Two 15-0

Hi I am Carol, I live in Wiltshire, and I am married with two grown
sons, the eldest married in 2009 and the youngest moved into his first
house so we are empty nesters which feels strange. I work full time, and
my Husband is a carpenter/handyman, we have two dogs and a pond full of
fish. I travel to work so I don't get a lot of spare time, and I spend
too much time on the internet.

I have always made things since I was a child, probably because my Mum
and Gran were always sewing and knitting to makeng clothes for me or my
dolls, soft toys, and dressing dolls for the annual bazaar. One of my
favourite possesions as a child was a children's hand operated sewing
machine, though it only did chain stitch. I was always making clothes
for my teenage dolls, or models, sock hobby horses of which I had a
whole stable and later at around 11 years old I taught myself to crochet
from watching a girl in my class do it.
In the past I have made and painted candles, made resin paperweights
with objects in them, macrame handbags, covered bottle lamps with
lampshades, hangings and belts, made soft toys including Wombles, sewn
clothes for myself and the children, and made jewellery. I have done the
odd bit of glass painting too. I also got into machine knitting for a
few years but haven't had time to do that for several years now.

I am a convert to card making. I could never see why anyone would want
to make cards when there are so many nice cards you can buy, then
friends made their wedding stationery which was simple but impressive
and I struggled to find a suitable card for them on the same theme, and
paid a lot for a "hand made" card from a shop. Then in 2004 when I was
in London working for a few months and staying in hotels while walking
round one lunchtime I came across Blade Rubber Stamps shop near the
British Museum and bought some toppers and peel offs and a magazine, I
gradually got hooked and the rest is history! I was only going to make
simple cards with toppers, then I bought a couple of stamps and some
ink, but I didn't know what I was doing back then. Now I have a craft
room stuffed with stamps, equipment and other stash, and I can't bring
myself to buy a card from a shop, though I know not all of my family and
colleagues can see why I do it.

I can make quick cards, but I have been known to spend a couple of weeks
perfecting a special card evenings and weekends of course.

A year ago my Mother also got the bug and began card making and I keep
buying her bits and pieces for birthday and Christmas presents though
Dad will never allow her to go for it on the scale I have done. My
cards have been featured in various card making magazines, and I am
thrilled to be on the design team on this forum too.

You can visit Cazzy's blog here

Deanne x

My Daily Ramblings
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My Monthly Crafting Group


2The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:33 pm

chocolate fudge cake

chocolate fudge cake
Great entries Lyn and Cazzy - really feel we've got to know you a bit better. The Design Team - Part Two Icon_sunny

3The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:22 am


Thanks for sharing with us, both of you. It is lovely to get to know you a little better.

Life is too short not to experiment! Smile

4The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:47 am

Quirky Boots

Quirky Boots
I do love the write ups you both sent me Smile thanks so much for sharing with us all Smile there fab xx

Deanne x

My Daily Ramblings
My Online Store
My Monthly Crafting Group


5The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:20 am


It is lovely to get to know you a bit better. Very interesting. The Design Team - Part Two Icon_biggrin

6The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:34 am


Great write ups girls. Lovely to get to know you better.

Love Julia

7The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:42 am


Excellent write up Lynn and Carol - very interesting indeed and is great to hear more about you lovely ladies. Smile

8The Design Team - Part Two Empty Re: The Design Team - Part Two on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:51 am


How nice to read about you both. You both have interesting stories. I would love a look in all your stamps Cazzy. I am so nosey really. Thanks for sharing with us x

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